The National Hunter Jumper Association Inc.
A NonProfit Corporation
Sherry Robertson, President 
P.O. Box 11635
Lexington, KY 40576

National Hunter Jumper Association Inc.

was organized in 1989 as a Volunteer Group and it has provided a democratic and responsive association of those members in the hunter and jumper discipline of the Federation ever since.  

It is now incorporated to become the Hunter Association with a pure democratic structure that respects the right of all the Members to be heard and to vote their opinions. It will continue as a financially accountable Nonprofit Corporation to better represent the varied interests of all the Hunter and Jumper Members of the Federation.

The NHJA has been organized for the benefit of exhibitors, owners, trainers, competition managers at all levels of the sport of Equestrian and who are amateur or professional.

Its purpose is to:

Educate these members to improve their individual performances and events by developing and presenting seminars on issues affecting horses and riders at the national, regional, state and local levels.  And to develop and make available educational materials such as videos and publications that will enhance a rider’s partnership with their horse.

Ensure that quality is maintained at rated events by proper training of judges, stewards, other licensed officials and competition managers to keep them current on the rules, regulations and guidelines set by the Federation, and the latest standards to improve competition and the safety of both the horse and the rider.

Enforce the judgments set down by the USEF regarding suspensions of owners, trainers, riders or managers. Ensure the protection of the horse through reporting both abuse of any animal to either the USEF or local authorities and enforcement of the USEF Drug and Medications guidelines.

Encourage riders at all levels of competition to strive for quality, sportsmanlike behavior and continuing education about horses and riding both in the competitive world and for recreation.