The National Hunter Jumper Association Inc.
A NonProfit Corporation
Sherry Robertson, President 
P.O. Box 11635
Lexington, KY 40576


Members Representation in the
Disciplines of hunters and Jumpers
Serving its membership with education and representation in all aspects of the sport of showing hunters and jumpers.

An Affiliate Member of the United States Equestrian Federation and the United States Hunter and Jumper Association

Drugs and Medication Letter

The NHJA has purchased a ton of timothy hay to send to Texas flood victims. The hay will be leaving on Friday, September 1st from Ocala Fla Breeders Feed and Supply Company on a Creech horse van to Houston, TX.

Statement of Purpose
The objective of the National Hunter and Jumper Association is to address and discuss various issues and concerns of its members in relationship to the showing of hunters and jumpers throughout all levels of competition, from the entry level event to regional, national and Olympic Games.

Our Mission and Interest
Our mission is to operate as an independent National Discipline Association for the hunter, hunt seat equitation, hunter breeding, pony, and jumper exhibitor and horse show management.

We will strive to represent fairly the interests of all exhibitors (amateur, professional and junior), competition management, trainers, employees and sponsors, in a continuing effort to improve and expand our sport.

Our purpose is to unite all those individuals who are interested in the sport of showing hunters and jumpers in an effort to identify, address and discuss and vote upon the many issues which constantly arise within our sport.

Your voice will be heard and the National Hunter & Jumper Association membership position will be presented to the United States Equestrian Federation and the United States Hunter and Jumper Association.